Šodien 17.11 turnīrs nenotiks

Sakarā ar valsts svētku svinēšanu, šodien turnīrs ir atcelts, bet ikviens ir aicināts pievienoties svinībām Paddy Whelans telpās, kas sāksies jau šodien no 21:00.

Pilns notikumu saraksts:

17th November, Thursday around 21:00 on first floor
Live Irish Music performed by „The Others”


18th November, Friday
@ 22:00 on first floor
Live „Folk style Oldies” music by
„Da`Ba” band
@22:00 on the second floor
Live „Oldies but Goodies” music session
by our resident artist and coolest fella- Martins

19th November, Saturday
around 21:30 on the 2nd floor
members of Irish Folk Band „The Prowling Cats”
will be heating up Paddy’s 2nd floor, bar & lounge

@22:30 on the first floor
Karaoke (available in 12 languages. Oooh 🙂
with our resident Dj Mr. Mo
Let Your Hair Down!

During the day, between visiting „Staro Rīga” light festival, exibitions, concerts and fireworks (this year starting at 21:00) You are welcome to our pub to keep your power running with some lunch or just get warm with some hot mulled wine, Irish coffee or tea

20th November, Sunday
Welcome to Paddy’s for your own menu-ordered Sunday Brunch and later
kick-back and enjoy Live clash btwn Chelsea & Liverpool at 18:00

All long weekend:
Boddingtons Pub Ale – “Cream of Manchester” at very special price. Pint only 1,70 Lats.