Entries for BPDL Quaification 1 & 2 (till 24th of October)

No. Player Paid
1. Mindaugas Viskontas (LT) Finals
2. Andres Paal (EE) X
3. Gatis Brikovs (LV) withdraw
4. Jan Kapaun (EE) withdraw
5. Sigitas Kvajauskas (LT) withdraw
6. Arnis Kupčs (LV) withdraw
7. Valters Melderis (LV) X
8. Paulius Mikalocius (LT) withdraw
9. Alvar Paia (EE) X
10. Guntars Staris (LV) withdraw
11. Guntars Stipins (LV) withdraw
12. Juris Straubergs (LV) X
13. Uldis Zeitmanis (LV) X

Registration for tournament

To register for BPDL Events and Qualification tournaments player needs to apply by sending an email to: pdl[at]paddydarts.lv

In the application it needs to be mentioned specific BPDL Event in which player wants to participate, as well as players’ full name and last name and a phone number through which player can be contacted in case of a need. After receiving application a player will receive confirmation e-mail. Entry fee must be paid only
after receiving confirmation e-mail.

Applications for any BPDL Event or qualification tournament will be accepted no later than 2 (two) days prior to the tournament in question.

Entry fees

Participation in the tournament is approved only after the entry fee has been paid.

Entry fee for any Event or Qualification tournament is 25.00 (twenty-five) EUR per participant. Participation in Finals is free of charge for players who have qualified for the tournament.

To guarantee place in BPDL Event or Qualification tournament entry fee must be payed no later than 2 (two) days prior to the tournament in question.

Entry fee must be transferred to bank account of Darts sports club “Asās Adatas”.

Payment details:

Biedriba “Sautrinu Mesanas Sporta Klubs Asas Adatas”
Reg. no.: 40008164157
Swedbank A/S, HABALV22,
IBAN: LV26HABA0551032508032

In the payment details please provide the player’s first name, last name and the BPDL Event you are paying for.

Entry fee is not refunded if a player doesn’t come to tournament.