Tournament format

In BPDL 2019 there will be 4 Events and each of them will be held as a separate tournament. All stages of BPDL, as well as qualification and Finals will be hosted in Latvia.

Only players who will participate in at least 2 Events of BPDL and won’t qualify for the Finals after the 4th Event based on the BPDL Order of Merit or by winning one of the Events, will be eligible to participate in qualification tournaments. 2 qualification tournaments will be played both in the same day and winner of each tournament will earn the right to participate in Finals.

Qualification entry fee allows player to participate in both qualification rounds. However, if player wins the first qualification tournament, he/she can’t participate in the second one, since he/she has earned the place in the Finals already.

Only 16 players will participate in BPDL Finals tournament. These players will qualify based on the following criteria:

  • 4 (four) places – individual winners of each BPDL Event
  • 10 (ten) places – best players out of BPDL Order of Merit
    • If any player out of TOP10 is also a winner of one of the BPDL Event, his place will be automatically filled by the next player out of TOP10, since the winner of the Event has already earned the place in the finals. This will be done, until all 10 places are filled.
  • 2 (two) places – each qualification tournament winner

* The format of Qualification and Final tournaments can be changed according to amount of participants in BPDL tours.

No. Player Qualify Ranking
1. Jānis Kupšis (LV) Tour 1, 2, 3 1
2. Mindaugas Barauskas (LT) Tour 4 2
3. Žanis Buklovskis (LV) Ranking 3
4. Kristaps Mickus (LV) Ranking 4
5. Raido Kruusvee (EE) Ranking 5
6. Laimonis Naglis (LV) Ranking 6
7. Nauris Gleglu (LV) Ranking 7
8. Erki Selling (EE) Ranking 8
9. Ilvars Draulis (LV) Ranking 10
9. Tomas Sperauskas (LT) Ranking 10
11. Erol Tali (EE) Ranking 12
12. Aigars Strēlis (LV) Ranking 13
13. Mindaugas Viskontas (LT) Ranking 15
14. Andres Paal (EE) Ranking 16
15. Qualification
16. Qualification

* Jānis Puško and Vilmar Juro withdraw from finals. Mindaugas Viskontas and Andres Paal take place in Finals.

Prize fund pool

  • 100 EUR – guaranteed prize pool
  • 120 EUR – BPDL Tour 1
  • 120 EUR – BPDL Tour 2
  • 115 EUR – BPDL Tour 3
  • 95 EUR – BPDL Tour 4
  • 100 EUR – BPDL Qualification 1 & 2
  • Total: 650 EUR

Prize fund for BPDL Events and Finals tournament is gathered from players entry fees for each Event and Qualification tournaments.

Every players entry fee is divided by following principle:

  • 20.00 EUR covers BPDL Events prize fund and organization expenses
  • 5.00 EUR goes to BPDL Finals tournament prize fund

BPDL organizers additionally will add 150.00 EUR to each Event prize fund and 100.00 EUR to BPDL Finals tournament prize fund.

The prize fund is determined by the minimum number of players for each Event based on table: “Distribution of the prize fund according to the number of players”.

Qualification tournament entry fee is divided as follows: 20.00 EUR covers BPDL Finals tournament prize fund and 5.00 EUR cover organization costs.

8 (eight) best players will be awarded with money prizes at BPDL Finals tournament. There will be no organizational expenses deducted from final tournament prize fund.